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7 Tops reasons to visit Mussoorie for refreshing summer holidays

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The queen of hills

We are talking about the queen of the mountains called Mussoorie. Located approximately 250 kilometers from Delhi, Mussoorie is one of the most preferred places for the people of Delhi-NCR. The reason is that this place is also the most accessible place for the weekend.

The city of Mussoorie, situated at a height of seven thousand feet from the sea, is unique in many cases. Rainfall is created at any time here. On one side of the Mussoorie, the river Ganga is seen and Yamuna River on the other side.

The mall road

The whole year is good for tourist, but those who arrive between April to June and September to November, get better weather. Mall Road will remind you of old-fashioned markets. Here you will get plenty of foreign goods along with domestic things.
Here is a good place to roam the mall road and shop. Which connect us from heritage of this old city this is dated back year 1822

The Gun hill

People coming to Mussoorie are sure to visit Gun Hill here. They can be reached on top of the hill in approximately 20 minutes. There is also a 400-meter climbing arrangement by Rope-Way A gun was mounted on this hill to fire to stop people before independence. From then on, its name was Gun Hill.
From here, the beautiful views of Bandarpanch, Srikanth, Peethwada and Gangotri of the Himalayan mountain range can be seen.

Kempty Fall

Kempty Fall is a beautiful waterfall situated at an altitude of 4500 feet above sea level, which is considered one of the main destinations of Mussoorie. This waterfall, falling from a mountain about 40 feet high, is the largest of the five springs flowing in the valley of Mussoorie. This waterfall, 15 km from the destination point. At a distance of Yamunotri is located on the road

The Municipal Garden

The Municipal Garden is also worth seeing. Here a small artificial lake has been built. This place is an ideal destination for nature lovers because there are many species of flowers and birds found here. There are 800 different types of flowers in this garden which are engaged in nursery, these flowers have been planted with the purpose of selling. Famous flowers like Pantinia, Dahlia, Panasi and Begonia are found here more.

The temple of Nag Devta

The temple of Nag Devta has become a center of faith for people.Located at a distance of six kilometer from Mussoorie, History of this temple is connected to Kaliya Nag in Vrindavan. According to the people, after defeating Lord Krishna, Kaliya Nag asked God to leave Yamuna River. It is believed that Kaliya sits in this temple of Bhatta village of Mussoorie in the form of Nag Devta. Whose local people have been offering prayers for years. this temple is always crowded by tourists. It is very nice to see the views of Dunn Valley and Mussoorie.

Camel Back Road

Camel Back Road is the favorite place for those who travel to explore every morning and evening. The visitors who come to Mussoorie are here to see the 'Sunset' It is good to walk or ride on this road. The view of the sunset in the Himalayas looks beautiful from here. Camel rock looks like a sitting camel.


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